We’re Primed to Set the Industry on Fire

By combining the traditional fantasy sports model with innovative gameplay mechanics and asset ownership, our model enables Players to truly own their gaming experience. Retain your gains year-after-year and kickstart your fantasy empire!

Unleash your inner strategist through the free Franchise Pass, engaging Pack openings, and dynamic on-platform Marketplace that puts you in charge.
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We Get It, There's Plenty of Options Out There... So, Why Us?

We've taken the traditional fantasy experience and flipped it on its head. You can now truly put your knowledge to the test with our differentiating asset ownership, allowing you to get ahead of the game by retaining Player Items year-over-year. Simply put, you're the owner, GM, and coach of your team.
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Our Supply-and-Demand Marketplace

Our proprietary Marketplace allows Players within the GameBlazers ecosystem to participate in buying, selling, and trading with all other Players. All Marketplace prices are determined and set by the current owner of the Items in the ecosystem – utilizing a free market, based upon supply and demand.
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What We're All About

We’re maximizing Player control, and pushing the limits further than they’ve ever been before.
Asset Ownership
With innovative year-over-year ownership, our fantasy league gives Players the control they crave – making you a true owner of your fantasy franchise.
Community Based
Our community is over 3,000 players strong, and we're not slowing down anytime soon!
Differential Gaming
By combining weekly, season-long, and season-over-season games into a single product, GameBlazers is the premier platform for sports fans along the fandom spectrum – from the casual to the fanatic.
Innovative Gameplay
By providing Players with additional Multipliers, Pack options, and various gameplay structures we're revolutionizing the current fantasy model.

We're More Than Fantasy Sports

Friends, fans, or competitors. We’re a community built on like-minded sports enthusiasts looking for a little friendly competition!
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