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How do GameBlazers items work?

Increases an Athlete's fantasy points by the multiplier shown, making Items more competitive in Games and Lineups.

For example, if an Athlete has 10 fantasy points, and their Item is 1.5x, they now have 15 fantasy points on GameBlazers because 10 fantasy points multiplied by 1.5x equals 15 total points.

Indicates whether or not an Item is more or less rare based on how many of them exist in the total Athlete Pool - the more that exist, the less rare the Item is.

If an Item is classified as Legendary, that means it is the rarest combination of Athlete and Multiplier on the platform.

Stickers indicate an Item’s Type. If an Item has a Franchise Sticker, you have a Franchise Item and it can be kept forever - for the entirety of that Athlete's career.

If an Item does not have a Franchise Sticker it is classified as an Expiring Item and expires 12 months from the Pack open date. Be sure to check out the marketplace to see what price your Items are worth!

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What are items and how do I get them?
What are mini games?

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GameBlazers is revolutionizing the Fantasy Football space by providing exciting pack opening experiences to acquire players rather than a typical draft. We love the salary cap feature on all the contests allowing for an even playing field ... We recommend adding GameBlazers to your weekly fantasy football routine!

Haven't played any kind of fantasy football for about 6 or 7 years. Got kind of tiring and monotonous. GameBlazers completely reinvigorated my interest in fantasy football. Always find myself making sure my line-ups are set weekly.


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